Anne Wilson

Anne grew up in a strong Christian home. Her godly parents, Kent and Lynn Wilson, and her incredible siblings made her childhood a beautiful time in her life. Anne is the youngest of three children, Jacob, Elizabeth, and herself. Her parents regularly preached Jesus in their home, and the Lord became the foundation for Anne's life at an early age. Her parents also provided the three children with plenty of opportunities to be creative and find their unique giftings. Jacob, Elizabeth, and Anne often turned their entire basement into new ventures, such as a ballet studio, a basketball court, and even a cupcake shop.

God called Anne's mother, Lynn Wilson, to start a unique school in their hometown, with the goal of providing a place for her children to learn about God and receive a rich education. Alongside her mother, her dad always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so at home Anne was encouraged to be creative. This university model school her mom created also allowed the children to work at home two days a week, further creating space for them to flow in their creative outlets. Jacob focused on hunting on the family farm, Elizabeth pursued clothing design, and Anne spent many hours in ballet.

Music was not yet part of her story.

On June 7, 2017,

Anne's life changed forever. That day she found out that her big brother Jacob had died in a car accident at the age of 23. This unexpected tragedy left the family broken and full of questions. Why Jacob? Why so young? How would they ever go on living without Jacob here?

Even in the early days of shock and grief, Anne began to hear God's voice speak to her, as He met her in the pain and led her closer to Himself than she'd ever been before. She began to worship God in a new way during those days. It was as though singing and playing for the Lord was her medicine, the only thing that could help her feel better. During one of those moments with the Lord, Anne's mom overheard her worshipping and asked her to sing that song for Jacob's funeral. As Anne walked up on the stage at the funeral to sing “What a Beautiful Name,” she again heard God speak to her so clearly. He said, “Anne, this is what I'm calling you to do. I'm calling you to praise and worship My name.” From that moment, God worked through a YouTube video of her singing this song to honor Jacob all the way to and beyond a record deal, as He launched her into her calling and purpose.

Her book “My Jesus” will release with Nelson Books (HarperCollins) in Fall 2022.