Brittany Bruce

Brittany Bruce

Brittany Bruce grew up in a parsonage in south Louisiana as the “preacher’s daughter” and baby of her family. Growing up in ministry and thrown into leadership of Class President, Student Council President, and team Captain of her basketball team, Brittany was no stranger to the pressure of doing hard things.

When she was 18 she knew she was going to be a teacher, because the only thing she ever wanted to do with her life was make an impact, and lead others to reach their full potential in life. Four years later, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, met the love of her life, and within two months engaged to be married with a teaching position at the local school.

Within four years, she had four children and started a photography business to bring in extra income to pay for diapers and formula, but with God’s grace and Brittany’s passion for helping people she quickly grew that little photography business into a successful six-figure business within a year.

Dreaming of retiring her husband from the medical field, she began teaching photography and business to local members of her church and community, which then grew into a new company, Brittany Bruce Education. Over the course of 18 months, Brittany retired her husband, and grew the company to a 7-figure revenue stream.

In July 2021, God called Brittany to step away from her company and pursue ministry full time. This looked like opening a shop in her hometown, hosting weekly Bible studies and daily walk-in meetings with members of the community needing prayer, encouragement, and creating Bible study resources.

Today, Brittany lives in Orange Beach, Alabama with her husband and four children in a small condo overlooking Portage Creek Waterway. She stays busy hosting Bible study retreats, podcasting, and helping women build, launch, and grow the thing God has called them to do.