Jennifer Bleakley

Jennifer Bleakley

Jennifer Bleakley’s love of the written word began with a coffee pot. As a shy young girl, she found it hard to verbally communicate what was in her heart. Her perceptive father began writing notes to her and leaving them in front of the coffee pot for her to find in the morning. Jen took great delight in replying to her dad—leaving her own notes for him to find. Thus beginning their “coffee pot chronicles,” and Jen’s lifelong love of the written word.

Jen holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling and worked for several years as a grief counselor before relocating to NC with her husband and staying home with their two children. With her career plans on hold, and while living in a sea of dirty laundry, Cheerios and apple juice stains, Jen found comfort in journaling—recording evidences of God’s hand, still at work, even in the midst of the mundane. Her journaling morphed into a blog, where she still writes regularly about glimpsing God’s grace in our daily lives.

Jen is a contributing author for Treasuring Christ Curriculum and She Believes Online Bible studies, and she writes curriculum and devotionals for her local church in Raleigh, NC. And even though she once swore she was too introverted to speak from a stage, she has found that God’s grace is big enough to allow her to do just that, and now delights in speaking about His extraordinary grace.

When Jen is not typing away on her beaten-up computer, you can find her hanging out with her handsome software engineer/wood-working husband and two rapidly growing children, chasing after their very needy Golden Retriever, or sitting in carline. If you can't find her there, she is most likely buried under a pile of laundry daydreaming of the beach.

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