Susannah B. Lewis

Susannah B. Lewis

Susannah B. Lewis grew up in what she calls a “sitcom-like” household with incredibly witty parents who were no strangers to one-liners and laughter. Her fondest childhood memories are of her mother playing the upright piano in the living room and her father strumming along with his Yamaha guitar, homecoming at their small, southern church with casseroles and pies lining picnic tables beneath aged Oak trees, tagging along with her grandmother and friends to bluegrass gospel singings and writing stories in her canopy bed until well past her 9PM bedtime.

Although her childhood was mostly a happy one, Susannah’s father battled alcohol addiction until she was 11 and she witnessed him die suddenly of a heart-attack one Sunday morning in the hallway of their suburban home. It was then that Susannah realized writing wasn’t just a fun hobby- it was cathartic. Writing, along with her faith introduced to her by her Godly mother, is what helped her cope with her father’s tragic passing.

Susannah continued to write throughout high-school and college and still has Rubbermaid totes full of her stories in her attic. Recently looking back on those stories, she saw how her father’s death influenced so much of her writing.

Susannah’s mother passed away in her sleep in 2015. Susannah, again, wrote to deal with the grief, void and longing for her precious mother. Instead of tucking those words into a tote in the attic, she published her feelings on her blog and in her first non-fiction book, Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

This is Susannah’s second work of fiction (the first being her self-published book, Unfortunate Ursula Underwood that addresses what she knows so well—the death of parents and the feeling of being an adult orphan. As she does in real life, Susannah conveys both humor and her reliance on Christ to write about Rae’s loss in The Third Thursday.

Susannah is the author of self-published fiction books Ten Years Taken, The Charm of the Defeated,Suspicion on Sugar Creek and Unfortunate Ursula Underwood. Her first non-fiction book, Can't Make this Stuff Up, was released by Thomas Nelson in April 2019 and is a USA TODAY and Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller. How May I Offend You Today: Rants and Revelations of a Not-So-Proper Southern Woman released by Thomas Nelson in October 2020. Susannah's work has been featured on Yahoo!, Lifetime, TODAY, US Weekly, Southern Writers' Magazine, The Humor Daily and Erma Bombeck's Humor Writers, among others, and she has over 2 million followers on social media. She is also the recipient of Blogher's Voices of the Year Award for her work in literary non-fiction. Her next two books in 2022 and 2023 will be a dive back into fiction with Thomas Nelson’s Fiction imprint.

Susannah lives on 90-beautiful acres in Tennessee with her husband, Jason, three children, seven dogs, three cats and three goats. Visit her at